About Me.


Ello, as most of you might know, my name is Bailey. I am a lover of the arts, all different kinds. Music, painting, writing, decorating, drawing, crafting, dance, and even crochet. I picked up crocheting very randomly as a calming hobby that helped relieve my stress I had at the time, and I never put the hook down.

I love being able to showcase my love of crafting on this little blog of mine, even if not that many people see it. I enjoy being able to have a portfolio, if you will, to come back to and see what I can accomplish. However, the main reason I have produced this mini company of mine is so save money for college.

I plan on returning to school Fall 2018. The only thing I will be doing until then is trying to earn as much money as I possibly can to help pay for college. I work full time at an Animal Dermatology Clinic, part time at Buckle as a Visual Merchandiser, and now this! I like staying busy, yes, but it can get a little stressful. But if you catch your eye on something, and you truly want to achieve it, you will do absolutely everything you can to grab on to it!

Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eye off the goal. -Henry Ford