Pony-tail Beanie.

The perfect combination has arrived! A beanie with a convenient hole for your pony tail, that’s brilliant! They are perfect for bon fires, football games, even dressing up and going out while it’s cold.

I absolutely LOVE making this product because I can make them pretty quickly. The good thing about that is I can have them made as quickly as you’d like, within reason of course(:

You can order any color you’d like and they come in a few different sizes! You can also order a scarf to go along with it if you’d like. That other cute little object is a coffee mug coozy(:

Click here to order from ETSY, here or contact me for yours!


Be like Ariel.

One of the biggest trends these days is, of course, the Mermaid Tail Blanket! I just had to take a wing at this because they are just the cutest thing since I don’t know when. I do have to say, my favorite thing about making these is seeing the happy smiles on the girls faces that get to have one!

I put out this item before Christmas time and it was a HUGE hit! But man, I’ve gained some crocheting muscles! It takes about 5-6 straight hours of work to finish one of these bad boys! This particular one took even longer since I had to change color every row and I made it GIANT so that my cousin, Cassidy, could grow into it and enjoy it longer.

I’m still taking orders on these, so if you, or anyone you know would enjoy one of these adorable creations feel free to contact me directly, or on ETSY, here.



THE Halter Top


I emphasize the “THE” because this is it! This is THE top that started it all. I made this on a whim because I can never find crochet tops, or any clothing for that matter, that doesn’t look like a grandma knitted it. (No offense, Grandmas) And it turned out SO many people loved the top that they requested I sell it to them. And so Simpli Blissful was born.




I absolutely love this top because it is perfect for the summer, obviously, but also a great addition for those multi-layer outfits for fall. I am open to making nearly any color, as long as they make yarn in that hue.

This is actually the only item that I currently have up on my Etsy shop, and you can go check it out here, leave comments, and of course feel free to order one.


Stay Blissful,